During my career of 16 years in the jewellery and watch business, I have established an extensive experience within the supply chain as a whole, spanning from production, wholesale to retail and e-commerce. Playing different roles at various international companies added fundamental knowledge of e.g. sales and marketing, leadership and of general operations.

I am greatly motivated when developing and execution a strategy. I enjoy having a high level of activity and am accustomed to managing growth tracks important for the strategy. The ongoing pursuit for understanding and finding crucial details, has made me an innovative team-player.

I am a game changer with a strong desire to build brands through leadership. My personality is honest and enthusiastic with an alert awareness for reaching milestones and goals through a united team effort. My expectations and agreements are unequivocal, once the strategy has been determined. I feel alive in an international company with room for involvement and for personalities, in an informal environment.

Business Skills – Headlines:

I will present my skills by three major headlines:

Strategy and hands-on leadership
• Daily operation with basic economy, logistics/IT and HR
• Solid international sales experience B2C
• Leadership of organisations, from size 15 to 80 persons.

Visionary business development
• Game changer with a great eye for perspectives
• Natural given innovative approach to improvement and expansion
• ”WHY” personality

International sales, retail and e-commerce
• Professional sales capacity
• Can set the stage for 360° brand marketing
• Growth by re-thinking retail and e-commerce